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The Correct Way to Write the Time and Date in English

There are several ways you can write the time in English, using both digits (numbers) and letters. Depending on the type of document you are writing, it is usually best to use only numbers as this makes it clearer for … Continue reading

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How to Select an Electronic Time Clock – A Time Clock Comparison

So you want to implement an electronic time clock system? How do you choose which type? Let me lay this out for you clearly and concisely so you can do a proper comparison. First of all, there are 4 types: … Continue reading

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Five Time Management Tips for Reducing Stress

Many people experience increased stress due to having more tasks to accomplish than they can handle. Just the pressure of such a workload can increase stress. One way to lessen this high level of health jeopardizing stress is to take … Continue reading

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Time Zone Mess – How to Be Always in Time

Our globe is divided into time zones. There are more then 240 countries in the world and each of them has it’s own daylight saving time rules. Is there any way to avoid confusion while traveling or just making a phone call? Continue reading

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